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Happy Children

Axion Social Care.
Dedicated to Providing the Best For Children In Care.

Providing Accommodation For Young People and Care Leavers.


At Axion Social Care, we provide high quality assured housing for vulnerable young people across the midlands, with essential recreational amenities and equipment, to create and endorse a safe environment for vulnerable young people; where they are free to express their individuality, growth and develop.



Axion Social Care provides 24 Hour Supported, supervised accomodation with tailored services that meet individual needs:


  • Skilled Nursing Intervention for Youung People with Learning Needs

  • Emmergency Accomodation

  • 1-2-1 Life Story Work

  • Theraputic Intervention

  • Post 18 Life Skills

  • And many other services  See more >>

What is a Residential Children’s Home?

The standard definition of a children’s home is;

“a public institution for the care and protection of children whose parents can no longer care for them.”

  • Our homes put emphasis on individualised care needs and packages. We don’t subscribe to a single theoretical or therapeutic model, but look instead at each individual need. We look at it as if a child or young person may come to us with an empty tool box, and we provide them the tools they will need for everyday life.

  • We are dedicated to making a positive impact on all young people and children we work with to ensure they become active contibutors to their community in whatever way they see best.

Better Care Starts with You!
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