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Young kids
We welcome all bookings to view our accomodations, our dedicated staff are there to provide you with all the help and information you need.



Emmergency Accomodation

Axion Social Care operate a 24 Hour Out of Hours service. We can accommodate and facilitate placements on an EDT basis. We provide high quality assured accommodation for vulnerable young people across the midlands, with essential recreational amenities and equipment, to create and endorse a safe environment for vulnerable young people; where they are free to express their individuality, grow and develop.


Bespoke Services

Axion Social Care offer a few additional services aimed at supporting and advising young people who have higher risk vulnerability or extreme challenging and risky behaviour. Through well-structured Risk Assessments and Individualised Care Plans


Skilled Nursing Intervention

We have dedicated nursing staff who are there to offer their skills and therapeutic intervention for young people/children with learning needs and challenges to ensure their voice is heard, their needs are met and most importantly feel happy and safeguarded within our care.


The care provided will the tailored to specific care packages provided within the child or young person care plan to ensure we follow direct instructions of care whilst they remain in our provision.

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